- Caring for the beauty of the body
Caring for the beauty of the body
Pure and pleasure
Cosmetics for the body
 - Health for all
Health for all
Disinfectant properties antimicrobial and antiviral composition
 - Hemp cosmetics
Hemp cosmetics
Healthy skin and hair
 - Cosmetics for body
Cosmetics for body
Toilet soap
Our products

Your supplier of cosmetics, cleaning agents and laundry detergents.

Since its incorporation ATEA future, s.r.o. has provided extensive services in the area of development, production and deliveries of a broad range of cosmetic products, a range of feminine hygiene products, cleaning agents and laundry detergents.

We produce and deliver a broad range of our own branded products Laura and Luigi Collini, Laura and Luigi Colutti, Collini Kids, Collini Body Care and Anel.

Our services

We provide complete services in the area of supplying private-label products for retail network distribution as well as for industrial and professional use.

We design a product which corresponds to your requests and plans, its package (size and type of packaging), its desired properties and the price level. We also prepare and realize the entire development of the requested product and its testing. Last but not least, we arrange the approval procedure by relevant authorities (accredited laboratories) in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Cosmetic products

  • toilet and liquid soaps
  • face and body beauty products
  • emulsion cosmetics

Feminine hygiene

  • intimate hygiene gel
  • cosmetic pads
  • sanitary napkins

Laundry and cleanup

  • softeners
  • washing powders and gels
  • washing-up liquids
  • cleaning agents with a wide variety of use
  • products for dishwashers

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Download catalogue

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