About us

ATEA future Ltd. company was founded by Ing. Ivana Srovnalova in January 2003 and followed up on activites of original firm ATEA from 1992.

The basic intention - orientation on the export products produced by companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia was gradually extended to the import of some products categories and deliveries for business partners in the Czech Republic. In the recent years the company focused on the own development, production, sale and distribution of cosmetic products, chemical and cleaning products for small consumer and industrial use.

The original export activities and co-operations with customers in Germany, Poland and Slovenia were significantly extended to deliveries in Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Latvia and Slovakia in the years 2008 - 2013.

Nowadays, the company ATEA future Ltd. delivers a wide spectra of quality products designated for body care, household, shoe care etc., but also some grocery products (vegetable edible fats and oils) for Czech and foreign markets.

Realisations and deliveries of private labels of the wide range of products to business partners in Czech Republic and foreign countries as well belong to important activities of company ATEA future Ltd.

„It is not essential whether our company delivers products under our own or a private label of our business partner - we try to offer the best supplier service for building of long term business relationships with our customers“.


In 2012, the company ATEA future Ltd. obtained the ISO 9001:2009 certificate.

In 2015, we were awarded the Trustworthy Company certificate.

In 2018, we were awarded the AB Cert certificate for organic food and drinks trade.

Data sheets

Anel - washing gel Sport & Outdoor datový list složek-ANEL sport washing gel ATEA.docx
Anel - softener Fresh Flowers datovy list slozek- ANEL Fr esh Flower aviváž ATEA.docx
Anel - softener Balsam datovy list slozek- ANEL Balsam aviváž ATEA.docx
Anel - laundry soap 200g – data sheets MydloNaPraniAnel_DL_160520_W.docx
Anel - universal washing powder – data sheets PrasekPraciAnel_DL_150920_W.doc
Anel - sensitive washing gel – data sheets PraciGelAnelSensitive_DL_160927_W.doc
Anel - color&black washing gel – data sheets PraciGelAnelColorBlack_DL_160927_W.doc
Carpet cleaner cisticKobercu_DL_150615_W.pdf
Bathroom cleaner ČističKoupelny_DL_150615_Web_31.5.2020.pdf
Furniture polish cisticNabytku_DL_150615_W.pdf
Oven cleaner ČističTrub_DL_150615_Web_31.5.20.pdf
Dishwasher powder PrasekMycky_DL.doc
Super 10sec glue LepidloVterinove_TL.docx

Safety data sheets

Anel - washing gel Sport & Outdoor BL ANEL sport washing gel ATEA.docx
Anel - softener Fresh Flowers BL ANEL Fresh Flowers aviváž 2018 ATEA.docx
Anel - softener Balsam BL ANEL Balsam aviváž 2018 ATEA.docx
Anel - color&black washing gel PraciGelAnelColorBlack_BL_160927.doc
Carpet cleaner CisticKobercu_BL_150505.pdf
Bathroom cleaner CisticKoupelny_BL_150505_31.5.2020.pdf
Furniture polish CisticNabytku_BL_150505.pdf
Oven cleaner CisticTrub_BL_150505_31.5.20.pdf
Firelighter PodpalovacPevny_BL_141031.doc
Perfect Clean dishwasher powder PrasekMycky_BL_160601.docx
Super 10sec glue LepidloVterinove_BL.pdf